Haifa Feminist Institute (HFI): Library, Archive and Research Center at Isha l'Isha

HFI hosts the first, the largest and the only feminist archive and library collection in Israel. Our mission is to collect and document the history of feminist activism in Israel from 1970 to the present, to make women's social and political contribution visible and to inspire future generations. The HFI is based on a growing network of local feminist scholars from diverse ethnic, national, class and sexual backgrounds who work in various fields, inside and at the margins of academic institutions. Founded in 2007 in Isha l'Isha-Haifa Feminist Center by a group of volunteers, the Institute is now seeking to expand its activities, libraries and collections and in particular it's LGBT and Arabic collections, to create a full dataset of all items, to digitize important documents and to establish an online archive and exhibition in Hebrew, Arabic and English.


Our collection is expanding each year as individual women activists and social change organizations are donating their personal and institutional archives. In total, the archive hosts thousands of documents in 147 collections including 12 personal archives. These include a wide variety of materials: personal and organizational archives of Israeli women's groups and organizations, conference papers, dissertations, books, oral histories, media excerpts and feminist journals. There is also a visual collection comprised of leaflets, photographs, video and audio tapes, posters and unique artistic materials. Topics covered by the collection are organized according to various sub-fields varied to include: Israeli women's organizations, the women’s peace movement, women and Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, the LGBT movement, women's political and economic rights, violence against women (domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking), health and reproductive rights and Mizrahi feminism. 


In order to enhance its community outreach and academic capacities, the HFI hosts regular activities: lectures, workshops, reading groups, exhibitions and cultural events. Each year, a group of feminist fellows which are affiliated with the institute present their work and participate in various activities.


The Feminist Archives


Since early 2015, the HFI hosts a group of volunteers from Israel and overseas headed by a professional archivist who have organized the Haifa Lesbian Archive and are working to classify, catalogue, digitize and make it accessible to the wider public. In 2016 we plan to develop an online resource that will highlight another section of the feminist archive titled: 1970s feminism in Israel. This section is based on Marcia Freedman's personal archives which are currently located both in Haifa and in the U.S. The section will be developed to include multiple items from the time period that are already located in the feminist archive such as documents, leaflets, posters, minutes, reports, correspondences, photographs and other materials that reflect women's activism in Israel in the early days of the feminist movement.




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